Welcome to Japan!!

I'll take you to any must-see landmarks and/OR off-the-beaten-track places in and around Tokyo, and show you Japanese intriguing cultures.

Let me introduce myself.

First, I'd like to introduce myself briefly. I'm Mr. Masato Haraguchi, in my mid-70s. But I'm still spry, so doing this guide work now and then.

I'm originally an engineer and I used to live in various cities in wester Japan and I have visited almost all places in Japan for business or pleasure, so I know kind of every inch of Japan.  For example, I had lived in Shiga pref. adjacent to Kyoto pref. for about 20 years, so I visited Kyoto many times. Please tell me what you expect from your tour to Japan without hesitation. Natural beauty? Historical sites or modern sites? Traditional Japanese culture or cuisine? Let's enjoy the trip in Japan biginning with exploring Tokyo.

Where I live now and used to live.


① Fuchu in Tokyo: Living here now.

② Mishima in Shizuoka: Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

③ Otsu in Shiga: 15 min by train from Kyoto

④ Osaka: the biggest city in western Japan

⑤ Matsuyama in Ehime: in Shikoku island.

⑥ Nagoya in Aichi: the biggest city in central Japan

⑦ Kitakyushu in Fukuoka: Born here in Kyushu  island.




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